About Us

The Turnverein is the number one place for Ballroom Dancing in Denver and 5 other types of dance.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on dancing, dance education, and promotion of the arts. We invite you to try us out. Come dance with us. We know you'll have fun and hope you will become a member.

Founded in Denver in 1865, the Denver Turnverein is the oldest organization of its type in Colorado. We are affiliated with the national American Turners organization, started by German immigrants fleeing war torn Europe in 1848. Turnvereins sprang up around the US to promote social activities, physical fitness, and healthy minds.


At The Denver Turnverein, we offer 6 different types of dancing and dance lessons every week and 2 or more Saturday dances a month.

  • Five different dances
  • Lessons for all experience levels
  • 5280 sq. ft. dance floor
  • Cash bar


Membership is only $15 per year. Become a member and become a part of our community.

Looking to really get involved? Ask any of our staff or board members about volunteer opportunities.


The Denver Turnverein is a welcoming place to dance. Our members are genuinely interested in the educational, social and physical benefits of dancing and are glad to see guests and prospective members join in the fun.

New to dancing? Lessons are available at every dance. No partner needed.